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(Key-Shawn-Duh  Luh-Ree)


   Qishanda La’ree is a passionate & multidimensional actress that has been performing for audiences since the age of five. She is classically trained & has played notable roles as“Rena” in August Wilson’s Jitney, "Hermia” in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her first television debut came when she booked her first national dance commercial with her Crenshaw High School dance team. Her recent role in the YouTube series Black Collar on All Urban Media Network has gotten over 30k views to date. She has directed, produced & starred in two short films A Pierce Family Drama, & a silent film Treasures of Betrayal.

   She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree, in Theater, Television & Film with an emphasis in performance, from San Diego State University. She is trained in multiple acting techniques including, Meisner, Playhouse West under Robert Carnegie, Ivana Chubbuck Tasha Smith Actors Workshop (TSAW), Actioning at Identity School of Acting (IDSA) & The Subtees Process at Richard Lawson Studios under Richard Lawson.     

   When she isn’t studying her craft in classes, she spends time strengthening her yogi practice, Jiu-jitsu training, learning French, photography, directing & traveling. She is an avid reader & enjoys discussing great works of literature, rap lyrics & poetry. She loves spending time with her pup Kassidy & watching old videos of her & her grandmother’s many dance parties in the sun.

 She is currently working on her 3rd short film, enrolled in two acting classes & auditions regularly. Qishanda La’ree wishes to thank her grandmother, Johnnie Mae for loving, supporting & instilling the courage & resilience needed to turn her dreams into reality.


Acting Resume

Qishanda La'ree Acting Resume 21 PIC.jpg
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